The meaning of more.

For Physicians and Dentists

Wealth is about more than accumulation.
Wealth management demands more than a single perspective.

At Thomas Wirig Doll, we take on more aspects of financial planning so that physicians, dentists and their staff can have more, too: more choices, more confidence in their financial decisions, and more time for the things they love – at every stage of their careers.

Wealth management without blind spots.

There are countless considerations when it comes to wealth management, but only one true goal: financial freedom. Trying to address each piece of the financial picture separately isn’t just time-consuming and confusing – it’s less effective.

From tax planning to long-term wealth strategies, Thomas Wirig Doll’s advisors guide physicians and dentists throughout their careers as they make personal and professional financial decisions from every perspective, and at every scale.


  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Plan Solutions
  • Payroll Expertise
  • Income Tax Planning (Business & Personal)
  • Practice Accounting
  • Practice Creation

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