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Dental Practice Services Inc.

Dental Practice Services, Inc. (DPS) is located in Overland Park, KS and provides consulting services to dental offices who want to provide a self-administered (by the participating dental office), dental service plan for individuals and small businesses.

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Forward Science

Forward Science™ is a privately held biotechnology company based in Houston, Texas. The medical device company was founded with the goal of advancing oral healthcare through early discovery (OralID), diagnostics (CytID, PathID, hpvID, phID), and treatment options (SalivaMAX, SalivaCAINE).

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I Love My Dentist

I LUV My Dentist is a unique ONLINE word of mouth referral program. I LUV My Dentist works seamlessly with Dentrix and other practice management marketing system to automate referrals

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Thomas – Wirig – Doll

At Thomas Wirig Doll, we take on more aspects of financial planning so that physicians, dentists and their staff can have more, too: more choices, more confidence in their financial decisions, and more time for the things they love – at every stage of their careers.