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Forward Science partners with Arizona Diamondbacks for advanced oral cancer screenings

(Houston, TX) Oral cancer is within the top ten cancers, worldwide, with over 274,000 cases annually and a 5-year survival rate of approximately 30%. In the United States, it is the only cancer that has increased in incidence rate 8 years in a row, yet we have not seen any significant increase in survival rates. With many risk factors causing oral cancer, tobacco use has been proven to increase one’s risk for oral cancer. Professional baseball players have been known to use smokeless tobacco excessively, which has resulted in the deaths of some of the best to play the game like Babe Ruth, and of late, Tony Gwynn. Forward Science has partnered with the Arizona Diamondbacks which has allowed advanced oral cancer screenings for their entire organization.

In late February the Arizona Diamondbacks reported to the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, on the Salt River Reservation in Arizona, for Spring Training. Once there, the players and coaches go through several health tests and screenings to ensure their optimal health for the start of the season. Traditionally an oral health assessment was made; however, this year the Arizona Diamondbacks incorporated the latest technology (OralID™) for enhanced oral cancer screenings.

“With the prevalence of tobacco usage among baseball players, having the ability to screen them annually at team physicals with OralID is important” shares Dr. John Badolato of Studio B Smiles. Dr. Badolato continues, “As the team dentist for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I am confident that we are performing the most comprehensive screening possible, just as we do for the patients in my own offices.  We appreciate the partnership with Forward Science for these events.”

OralID’s fluorescent, or blue light, technology has been proven to save lives. The key to decreasing oral cancer cases, is to catch it in its earlier stages, before it is actually cancer and visible with the naked eye; the primary reason why OralID was created. OralID separates itself from other devices because it does not require disposables, rinses, or dyes, resulting in no per-patient costs. This allows screenings to be portable and affordable, not only for the patient, but for the dentist as well.

“As a former college athlete, I have seen first-hand the tobacco abuse in not only baseball, but all sports”, states Forward Science CEO, Robert J. Whitman who played college baseball at Tulane University. “As cliché as it sounds, to change the trends on oral cancer, it will truly take a team effort. Dr. Badolato and the Arizona Diamondbacks have gone above and beyond in enhanced screening and education for their entire organization. We challenge all other organizations to join the movement against Oral Cancer and screen their players with OralID.”

About Forward Science

Forward Science is a privately held biotechnology company based in Houston, Texas. OralID, Forward Science’s flagship product, is an award winning oral cancer screening device that allows clinicians to discover abnormalities that may not be seen under traditional white light examinations. With the success of OralID, Forward Science continued its focus to advance healthcare in oral oncology and launched advanced diagnostic tests (CytID, hpvID, phID, PathID) and treatment options (SalivaMAX, SalivaCAINE). All Forward Science products are designed, developed, and manufactured by their team in-house, ensuring the highest quality of product to go along with their superior customer service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for oral oncology.

To learn more about OralID, or any of Forward Science’s products, please visit or call 855-696-7254.

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