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The purpose of the Private Dental Plan™ program is to help the patient to receive immediate and personalized service through a dental service plan and allow the dentist to keep more money for their services. This self-administered dental service plan allows dental offices to offer access to dental coverage for those who would not normally be able to afford it.

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Top 10 reasons why dentists should have their own in-office dental plan from Greg Beck, Owner

  1. Dental insurance covers less and costs more every year for the patient
  2. Dental insurance pays the dental office less and less every year
  3. You can customize a dental coverage plan to meet the needs of the dental practice
  4. Patients and staff always know how much is covered and what remains

  5. Far easier to administer than conventional insurance plans
  6. Makes dental care more affordable to the patient and accept treatment plans

  7. Provides treatment to patients immediately
  8. The dentist earns a greater portion of service than paid by insurance companies
  9. Retain patients in the practice longer
  10. Provide patients treatment they would otherwise neglect
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